Hair & Mekeup artist, information of works and profile of YUSAKU MIZUSHIMA both domestic and international.

Beauty consultant, branding advice, product and package design, poster and catalog design produce, store display, lecture and PR for cosmetic and cosmetic companies both domestic and international.
*Delux Beauty by Jillian Dempsey (U.S.A) / Public Relation
*WARREN・TRICOMI Hair Salon (New York) / Branding
*MOR (Australia) / Public Relation
And more. All in Tokyo.


Concept create
Web site, Social media, Portrait, Photo shooting, Video, and more.
*Shinobu Sato, soprano
*Yumi Okazaki, pianist
And more.


Creative and Branding.
And design production, event, reception, public relations, social media, photo shooting, video, fashion show, store display, catalogue and more.
Both domestic and international.

*Cybex ( Germany) : Event Produce
The Launch event at the Cite Du Temps Ginza (Hall of Nicolas G. Hayek Center Tokyo) in Feb 2017.
Event, Press Reception, Branding, Public Relations and more.

*SHINOBU SATO brand (Opera Singer) : Branding, Creative and Event Produce
The exhibition, 『SHINOBU SATO DIVA FOREVER』at the STUMP BASE Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo in May 2023.
This is the first special exhibition focusing on “Japan’s pride to the world Prima donnna”, Shinobu Sato’s career as an opera singer and her magnificent stage costumes, HANAE MORI PARIS HAUTE COUTURE dress designed by the world-famous fashion designer Hanae Mori at Stump Base, a studio built by Tadao Ando.
Branding, Planning for the event & the press reception, Public Relations, Styling for the Haute Couture dresses, Design Production ( Web, Digital Catalogue, Logo, Flyer, Video, Photo shooting) and more.


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